Rental Property Safety & Compliance

  • According to the legislation change in March 2021, Electrical Safety and Gas Compliance Service now compulsory.
    DCW Electrical providing the following services under the current requirement,
  • Electrical Safety Check
  • Gas Safety Check
  • Fire Safety Check 

Gas & Electrical compliance requires to be done every two years and Smoke Alarm compliance needs to be done yearly.

Electrical safety included Main switchboard, Neutral supply test, Polarity, Main Earth system RCD (Safety switch) Lights & power points, electrical appliances (supplied by the landlord,), fittings and installations (electric hot water units, air-conditioners, heaters, etc.) -Gas safety includes carbon monoxide leak test, pressure test, and all fixed gas appliance -Smoke Alarm includes battery condition check or replacing, decibel testing (sound level). 
Second-year onwards: Smoke Alarm testing or replacement -Preventive maintenance such as A/C filter cleaning, bathroom/laundry/range hood exhaust fan check & clean -Any other concern that the landlord or the Agent would have